IMG_1563 hedge3The herb garden has a lovely neat lavender border along its west side, and a chaotic, messy hyssop border at the southern end.


have persevered with the hyssop for two years now – partly because I raised them all from cuttings and have become sentimentally attached.

IMG_teucriumBut like over-indulged children they are not pulling their weight and I think I need to transfer my affections to the nearby teucrium. It has been baked dry in the herb garden’s poor soil and still manages not to have a twig out of place.

A few weeks ago I took some cuttings that have begun to root. Then I took some more and if they root I shall have a little forest of teucrium: certainly enough to replace the hyssop.

I shan’t get rid of the hyssop because the bees and butterflies seem to love it (a female silver-washed fritillary alighted the other day – I almost curtsied).

I’ll wait until the Autumn to do the replanting – firstly so that the insects can enjoy the rest of the hyssop flowers and for the teucrium to form a decent root system.

To see how we built the herb garden click here

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