Mint is such a lovely herb to have in the garden but don’t, whatever you do, plant it in the ground.  It is unscrupulously rampant and will completely choke a herb garden.


have mine in pots where I can keep an eye on them.  There are many different varieties from the recognisable peppermint and spearmint to the more unusual pineapple mint and eau-de-cologne mint!

Mint is also a very hungry plant so I re-pot them every year.    Particularly vigorous varieties will try to escape the confines of the pot and you’ll find thick fleshy roots spiralling round the inside.  It’s very hard to kill mint (famous last word) so I just tease out healthy bits of root with shoots attached and repot in rich compost.  I give them a little feed to perk them up and then put them in a shady spot.  I move the pots into the greenhouse in the winter but they’re perfectly hardy.

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