My poor aubergines have been suffering.  I brought up the depressing issue of wilt in a previous post here.


had decided to dig up a white Clara variety which had all but collapsed overnight.  The remaining four plants were still healthy and beginning to set fruit.


Unfortunately the wilt has now claimed the other Clara and two Moneymaker.  I’m disappointed because the remaining healthy ones have produced some good fruit.

The question is what to do next year.  The pathogen which is causing the wilt only seems to be affecting the aubergines: tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers grown in the same part of the greenhouse border are unaffected.  Even though I replace the soil regularly I think it will be impossible to remove all traces of the fungus.

Next year I think I will try my aubergines in large pots with, hopefully, uncontaminated compost.  Although that makes watering and feeding more of a bind it does mean that I can move them into the sun.

Then we can look forward to more of these!  Baba Ganoush mmm…

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