It is a constant challenge to have an uninterrupted succession of vegetables, rather than a glut followed by a dearth (great word!)


still don’t get the timing right. My red cabbages and savoys are all ready at the same time when I should have tried to stagger them. We had more spring cabbages than we could eat (the chooks did well there…) and then a huge gap until the summer brassicas were ready.

This autumn I cleared one of the cold frames and sowed two types of Pak Choi: “Yuushou” and “Tatsoi”. I love this vegetable. It germinates fast and is easy to grow but will bolt if it’s a hot dry summer. I much prefer it to chard which always tastes a little “earthy” to me.  I do two sowings: one in March and another in September although the late sowings won’t always fully mature into chubby, succulent plants but are fine as baby veg.

IMG_cauliMLH and my sister are both addicted to piccalilli of which cauliflower is an integral part.  Sadly the autumn sowings didn’t make it though the winter and we were unable to repeat the bumper harvest of 2013…  That meant buying a cauliflower which went against all my principles.

IMG_seedlingsLast month I sowed cauliflower seed “All Year Round”  in seed trays and pricked them out a couple of weeks ago.  I am going to plant them in the other cold frame – now that the chervil and dill have finished – and overwinter them there where they will have more protection.  Then in early Spring I’ll plant them out in the new brassica bed and hopefully they’ll reward us with lovely firm, white heads.

Ever tried roasting par-boiled cauliflower in olive oil and herbs? Just a thought…

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