IMG_2782 heliboreI get a certain thrill as the Winter Solstice approaches. Not through any pagan sympathy but because after the 22nd December the days start to get longer.


he worst of winter is yet to come: this year November and December have been ridiculously mild here in the South. Our nearest weather station recorded 15 celsius today.  I wonder if there is a vicious cold snap just around the corner…

Looking out at the garden it’s a little windswept from the recent gales and it is definitely waterlogged but it is also looking very lush.  I mowed and edged the lawn on the 2nd December and it’s still growing. I usually put the lawnmower to bed at the end of October.

We also have “seasonal anomalies”…  Like many others our daffodils are flowering.  The honeysuckle is sprouting bright green spring shoots and I am sure that some of the birds are pairing up.

We have had a couple of hard frosts but looking at the forecast through Christmas we are in for yet more heavy rain and strong winds.  I do like a cold spell though: clear, crisp mornings with a bright, low sun.  We also need sub zero temperatures to kill off garden pests like aphids.  Some plants including garlic and strawberries need a cold period to be most productive the following season.

With the topsy turvy weather we are having my Spring Equinox post will probably lament a March that is frozen solid.  Be careful what you wish for Landgirl!