The solstice dawn was grey and wet and rather breezy too.  But while the solar spectacle was  disappointing, the garden is looking radiant.


e had a wet winter and a cold spring.  Although we’ve reached the longest day, summer has yet to beat down upon us.  This time last year we were in the throws of a hot dry spell…

The garden is looking all the better for the rain we have had recently.  I certainly haven’t had to do much watering for which I am grateful considering how much planting I have done this spring.

The new border round the new pond is looking lovely.  I decided to go with hot colours.  I started planting it up in the early spring when most of my herbaceous plants were still dormant so I had to try to visualise what it would all look like.

It’s not looking too bad.  I have peppered it with annuals too fill the gaps and the Californian poppies and African marigolds are starting to flower.  I have already been making notes about which plants to move so I think I will be busy in the autumn.  I must remember to label everything clearly because I can never remember what was where once they finish flowering and start to die back.

Some of my other plants are becoming more established particularly the roses and peonies.  I got a car load of horse manure from a neighbour and mulched them all and it seems to have paid off.  I never really grew roses until we moved here.  Now I must have nearly a dozen.

The vegetable garden is also really productive at the moment.  Lots of salad which hasn’t bolted because it hasn’t been too hot.

IMG_3678 vegThe cabbage cage is up – this time over another two raised beds and the spring and summer cabbages are looking great.  The peas aren’t in too much of a tangle yet although I had to re-net them because the pigeons settled on the top bar and started pecking them.

I may have to revisit pea supports again next year.  What would Monty do…

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