This year I am trying to have a constant supply of brassicas in one form or another.  Just as we finished last year’s sprouting broccoli, the spring cabbages were ready to harvest.


t’s been a battle with slugs this year but I am pleased with the way this year’s Cabbage Cage is coming along.

We dismantled it after all the winter storms (it was a little warped!) and I put it back up over two different raised beds a few days ago.

I mentioned before that it’s all about timing.  I held back sowing the red cabbage and savoy so that they wouldn’t have to wait to be planted.  The Hispi spring cabbage are nearly all harvested and have been lovely and sweet braised in a little oil.  The cauliflowers are getting nice and big now and I keep furtling down into their leaves to see if the curd is forming but it’s still a little early.

I’m also quite excited about the new variety Candisa.  They are forming lovely compact, round heads.  Should be very tasty in an Asian coleslaw…

Because I delayed the sowing of the next wave the red and savoys are still quite small.  I’ve started planting them out as the Hispis get eaten.  I am a little concerned about the Cavolo Nero kale because they have romped away since I potted them up but they will have to wait until the cauliflower are ready.

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