Time for a quick update on the peas.


hey’re certainly cropping well despite the lack of sun and warmth.

I haven’t had to water them at all and my neighbour’s honeybees seem to be doing a good job of pollinating the flowers.  This year I was trying a new method of supports.  So far so good!  They haven’t collapsed in a tangled heap despite the arrival of fat wood pigeons who alighted on the top cross bar and started pecking. I draped some netting over it which put a stop to that.  The frame has also withstood the gusty winds we have had recently.

IMG_3331 nettingIMG_3784 frameThe only thing I will say is that because they are so tall and healthy they are casting a little too much shadow over the neighbouring sweetcorn which really DO need some sun…

IMG_3785 goldenIMG_3787 sugar bon