Every year I seek the perfect salad potato.  It’s my holy grail.


t seems that every variety I grow is inevitably floury rather than retaining that firm, waxy texture that works so much better in a potato salad.

That is until now.  This year I planted a new variety called Jazzy.  We used the “Monty Method” which negates any need to dig huge, deep trenches.  Apart from the late frost which did blacken their emerging tips in April, the tubers have gone on to produce very healthy haulms (stems) with no sign of potato blight at all, even as we entered a dry spell which can often trigger fungal infections.

I can now report that as well as producing by far the biggest yield of any variety I have grown, Jazzy has a lovely waxy texture and sweet flavour.  They also have a cute shape, like flattened commas.

I will definitely be growing Jazzy again.

IMG_3876 dug

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